Health Situation Analysis in Warri by Docotal Health Foundation Team

Date: 20/04/2019.

Docotal Health Foundation (DHF) was founded on January 1st 2018 and incorporated in February 2018 by C.A.C, Nigeria (Reg. No: 105843) by two Cuban-trained doctors Dr Lateef Basaru and Dr Okey Ekemezie with a vision of providing free healthcare to the less privileged and vulnerable in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

DHF hosted it’s first medical outreach in Warri on the 20th April 2019 at a Camp meeting organized by ” Jesus Dominion Mission “.

The outreach started with registration of participants of patients/participants at 9:00am. After that, their weight and height (to determine B.M.I ). Blood pressure and glycemia (R.B.S) are also done in succession by the participating 4 nurses with all results recorded in a paper which is given to the patients to enable them consult the doctor.

A total of 150 patients were seen by the Dr. Okey Ekemezie from 9:00am to 6:00pm (lunch break of 1 hour). That is equivalent to 19 patients per hour,  1 patient every 3 minutes. The most common ailments were Malaria (35 cases), with Arterial Hypertension (24) and 10 Diabetics were seen. 30 Paediatric cases were also reported to be seen. Of importance was a special case of a 15 year old girl to debut with hypertension (160/90mmHg). The parents were immediately contacted and when they arrived, they were advised on what to do. Luckily enough, the matron took their phone number and directed them to go and see the consultant Paediatric Nephrologist (to rule out any kidney problems as the primary cause of the hypertension).

4 special cases of Hypertensive crisis (above 200mmHg) who were immediately given antihypertensive drugs and rested for 3 hours with hourly monitor of their B.P.

The most severe crisis was a 60 year old man with a B.P of 250/120 mmHg with no serious or obvious symptoms of a crisis. How he managed to walk and come alone to outreach venue with such high B.P is still beyond my human and medical comprehension.

We finally finished at 6:00pm and the presiding bishop and organizer came to thank and pray for us. We went straight to the Orphanage and gave some Easter gifts, and medical supplies to the 20 children that are being catered for. What a wonderful experience it was!

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Our Vision

Our Vision: a prioritized sustainable healthcare for the vulnerable and the aged in the areas of preventive obstetrics and childhood malnutrition.