Sunday morning inspiration – GRATITUDE

Sunday Morning Inspiration- Gratitude by Dr. Okey

It’s another sunday morning inspiration. Today’s article is all about Gratitude. If you missed last week’s post read it here it was such an insightful article.

“Thank you” is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding”.Alice Walker.

Sunday Morning Inspiration- Gratitude by Dr. OkeyHappiness is not found in acquiring “more” but in being thankful for what is already been given.

Why should you give thanks and show gratitude to the Supreme being First? God deserves our gratitude because of the gift of life. You may be dissatisfied with the way things had turn out in your life last year.

You may say: “Oh I was not able to buy that dream car, have that cool vacation in the best travel destination” and so on. Even then, this is a new year and there is need to begin this year with a high note of thanking your Divine Creator.

Have you thought for a moment that you could have been alone without a family that loves you? or possibly just mingle with strangers who don’t care about you? But hey! you have a family who loves, supports and got your back each day. That is enough reason to be grateful.
Sunday Morning Inspiration- Gratitude by Dr. Okey
Learn to appreciate others even when you don’t feel they have done enough for you. Whenever that housekeeper,siblings, co-worker or even a total stranger do something for you, appreciate what they’ve done and say thank you to them.

Good manners and gratitude go hand in hand.Ofcourse God exhorts us to givethanks in all circumstances, not because He needs to hear “thank you”, but beacuse He knows that gratitude changes the trajectory of our hearts.

A little kiss on the forehead, a little hug and a little thank you “note” brightens anyone’s day.

CALL TO ACTION: Has anyone done something nice to you lately but you forgot to show appreciation? Please reach out to that person and show appreciation.


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