Sunday Morning Inspiration – Is Digging Up Your Past Necessary?

There is  very wide and thick covering spread over our past actions and conducts. Most times, it usually take a combination of bitterness, regrets and joy to uncover ones past.

Instead of thinking about the hurt, why don’t you give thanks for where you are nowDigging up your past could really hurt, demoralize and bring regrets. This is why it is important to totally let go of the deeds and experiencs of the past.

There are things things you must learn to forget; else they will steal your inner peace and sap your energy and courage throughout your life.

Don’t remember the failure, hurts, sorrows, shame, disaster, financial crises and every other thing that is capable to cause you grief. There is a reason a past is called a past.
When you dwell and wallow in your horrible past, gradually depression sets in, you loose your focus and you might the real you in the process.
This is not good for your health and mental wellbeing and I am sure you wouldnt let this happen to you.
You can start now to build a bright future by avoiding the pitfalls of yesterday! Nobody can stop you except YOU!

Forgive yourself of your past, forgive those in your past and promise yourself a new, great beginning.

Think smart, work smart and plan smart!!

Sunday Morning Inspiration – Is Digging Up Your Past Necessary? was written by Dr. O. Ekemezie. 

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