Simplest Steps to Make Coconut Oil at Home

Coconut is a fruit that is filled with many benefits. It is better to prepare coconut oil at home to avoid adulteration.

Uses of Coconut Oil

There are several benefits of using homemade coconut oil;

  • It can be used as a vegetable oil for all round cooking and frying.
  • You can drink a teaspoonful of it first thing in the morning as a natural cleanser for the body.
  • It can be used as a natural moisturizing cream for both newborn babies and adults.
  • It is also very good for the hair, it helps repair damaged hair, maintains good hair line and prevents hair loss.

Things Needed

– 4 large dry brown coconuts
– High power blender or manual crater
– Silk filter
– Clean water
– Sauce pan
– Mixing bowls
– Little hammer or any plane object

Method of Preparation                                    

Use the hammer or any other sharp object that can pierce the coconut at the tip and bring out the water from it. Then try to break open the coconuts, you can break it into four halves. Afterwards, use a knife to separate the coconut meat from the hard shell, if the coconut is very dry, the coconut will come off the shell easily. Chop or shred the coconuts into very tiny bits so the blender can easily blend it. Wash the choped coconuts in a clean water and set aside in a bowl.

Get your blender ready, pour the washed chopped coconut into the blender and add water for smoothe blend. It is better to blend the coconuts in small batches to achieve best result. Blend the coconuts and water till you get a smooth mixture of coconut milk. Pour the blended coconuts mixture into a clean bowl, repeat the procedure for all the batches.

Pour a little amount of clean water into the bowl containing the blended coconut and mix with your hands till a thick white coconut paste is achieved. Use the silk filter and place it over another bowl to filter the coconut to separate the coconut milk from the shreds. Ensure the filter is properly placed over the bowl and use your hand to squeeze out the liquid from the shreds. Then pour the mixture into the filter and you will get your coconut milk dripping into the bowl while the shaft will be left in the filter, gently remove the filter with the chaff after squeezing thoroughly. You can blend the chaff in the blender the second time to extract more of the coconut milk. Just repeat the same procedure for step 2. Set aside the bowl containing the creamy coconut milk.

Pour the coconut liquid from the bowl into a washed sauce pan and set it on fire with medium heat. Ensure the heat is kept at medium high, if is it too hot, the whole thing will be burnt without getting oil from it. Cook till the water in it dries and the cream has separated to the bottom of the sauce pan and turns dark brown, then the oil will start forming at the top of it. This takes an average of 1 hour. When the oil settles at the top, you can gently scoop it into a dry stainless container to cool.

There you have your home made coconut oil. There are so many methods out there, but this method is tested and trusted because this is exactly how  I prepare mine and it comes out just fine.

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