Quora Nigeria World Meet-up

Quora Nigeria World Meet-up

They came, they saw and they were attended to/treated. Dr. Okey

The Quora Nigeria community in conjunction with “Docotal Health Foundation” gave back to the community in their annual Quora world meet-up. The venue was at Ipaja, Ayobo, Lagos state.

Before 9:00am, the residents of the community have been seated down getting ready for the free medical services they were to receive from the Docotal Health Foundation. This included free hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma/cataract screening.

The medical outreach kicked off exactly at 9:00am with registration of the patients to be attended to with tags given to them.

After registration, each patient proceeded to the stand to get their blood pressure (B.P) checked.

The values are recorded in a paper which was given to the patients. They then proceeded to the next stand where they are screened for diabetes by checking their glycemia (blood sugar level).

With these two values, they proceeded to see the doctors. Those with high values are treated accordingly and those with other complaints and ailments are also given free drugs.

Then comes the next consultation for those with eyes defects and problems as they are thoroughly screened by the eye doctor on stand. Free drugs, eye drops and glasses were also given to those who needed it.

• A total of 110 patients were attended to. 70 were females with 40 males also.

• The children were also not left out as 20 were given free medical services.Of all the cases attended to, 35 were hypertensives(10 of which debuted with high B.P).

• 18 cases of diabetes were recorded and appropriate treatment given to them.

• 40 patients got their eyes checked and 15 had cases of glaucoma and cataract( and were referred to tertiary institutions for more evaluation and treatment).

• The others with eye defects were given drugs, eye drops and free reading glasses which have been given by some spirited donors.

The program was 100% a success and the recipients and community were so grateful. The local chiefs even asked us to do such programmes on a monthly basis. So that all that missed this one can benefit from future ones.

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