How to Overcome Itchy Eyes

Why do I have Itchy Eyes?

Itchy eyes or ocular pruritis, affect many people and are a common reason for visiting an eye doctor. It can be caused by allergies, infection etc.

Hypersensitive reactions arise while the surface of your eye is exposed to allergens. The response triggers the release of histamines, causing itchy, pink, watery eyes.
If you rub your eyes, you trigger an increasing number of histamines, which ends up in worse symptoms. Itchy eyes may be due to diverse eye conditions too.
Dry eyes or even Blepharitis can cause itchy eyes. Blepharitis , a non-contagious eye disease due to bacterial or skin situations.
With blepharitis, the eyelids come to be dry, scaly, and itchy. generally the eyelashes fall out.
Some people may be allergic to their contact lens. This can cause redness, soness, itching, and inflammation. Thimerosal, a preservative used in contact lens, is one of the major culprits in allergies.

What I can do about it

Consulting your eye health practitioner may be very helpful to decide the most effective remedy for itchy eyes. Treatment depends on the cause. But below are what you can do:

1. Avoid rubbing your eyes

2. Find and avoid the cause

3. Use cool or warm cloth on the eyes

4. Proper eye hygiene

5. Avoid contact lenses or the use of a distinct kind

6. Regulating air temperature and moisture

7. Cleaning the eyes with saltwater solution

8. Taking antibiotics when necessary

9. Using over the counter decongestants

10. Or combining decongestants and antihistamines

When do I see a medical doctor?

Eye problems can once in a while need a medical assessment. In some cases you need to go to to the emergency room. You should consult your doctor if you have the following:
  • Extreme pain
  • Sudden visual loss
  • Red eye with ache
  • Surprising blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Eye bulging or swelling
  • Symptoms of infection
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