Medical Tourism: Useful Websites and Companies

There are many useful websites, companies etc for medical tourism. These will help you make a better decision. They even provide hospitals with the best facilities for medical tourists.
After reading this article you will get the best resources before going to abroad. It contains helpful information to make it easier to make a choice of your own. After reading this, you will have more information than majority of travellers.

Medical Tourism Useful Websites 

There are also list of useful websites which will give you insight about the best hospitals for medical tourism. You should take a look at them.
There are many of them out there but I have gathered some for you:
These are world renouned websites providing free medical information. They give detailed explanation to individuals on medical tourism. Including what to do when travelling abroad for medical treatment.
They give tips on what to look out for when going abroad for medical tourism. Some of which includes:
– The language spoken by the country in which you are going to for medical tourism.
– Quality of the kind of treatment in their country
– Resistant bacteria (see below) which is more prevalent in different countries.
These are very useful websites that provide quality and affordable hospitals available in India.
7. Medical Tourism Association and
These provides a list of the best hospitals in different countries. And also their cost for individuals travelling abroad for treatment and operation.
They have a lot of information about medical tourism companies (see below) in different countries.

Medical Tourism Companies

These deal with medical tourism are usually referred to as medical facilitators. Their services make medical tourism process easier for both patients and medical providers.

Medical Tourism Companies services usually include:
• Arranging travel logistic services such as passports, flights, lodging and transportation.

• Providing a main point of contact while the patient is at the hospital.
• Enhancing comunication between patients and doctors.
Medical Tourism Companies provide full support for patients travelling to overseas for treatment. Most of them have interesting treatment packages.
Some of which are inclusive of visa and airport pick-ups. Including hospital fees, surgeon’s fees, anesthesia charges, Intensive Care Unit etc.
Sometimes they work with International Insurance providers. All individual requests are welcome and dealt with on a personal basis.

9 Medical Tourism Companies that will help you right now

Below are very useful facilitators you might want to know…
Well known as the first private and independent medical travel agency in Spain. They offer great services while assessing and coordinating medical travels. This ensures that the whole process is smooth to the full satisfaction of their patients.
MediPrima is in Istanbul, Turkey. It aims to provide excellent medical and non-medical services to international patients. They are famous for their outstanding experience and inside knowledge.
When it comes to health and wellbeing of their customers. In-house medical doctors and coordinators work together to check the unique needs of each patient.
Based in New Delhi, India. Medsolin is a network of leading doctors and worldwide accredited hospitals. They provide international patients with access to high quality, most affordable healthcare.
They have national and international representation. Their network hospitals are both JCI accredited and NABH – NABL certified. 
Treatments available at Medsolin include cardiac surgery (adult and pediatric), neurosurgery, spinal surgery, joint replacement surgery and orthopedics. Others are organ transplantation, weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, limb lengthening surgery, regenerative medicine and IVF.
Experienced in welcoming international patients to the United States. They provide support for every step during treatment. This includes help with selecting the most appropriate treatment and planning travel.
This medical tourism agency specializes in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, hair transplantation, aesthetic dentistry, ophthalmology, obesity surgery etcTheir network of healthworkers take care of the medical treatment.
This is an independent medical travel agency. It devotes to helping people from all over the world to access world class medical care in German hospitals and clinics. The headquarter is in Hamburg. From here they coordinate medical treatment for private and insured patients.
Premier Healthcare Germany has access to a wide network of healthcare providers and hospitals in Germany. The professional case management enables international patients to have full access to the German healthcare system. International patients receive help throughout their journey by PHG’s experienced multilingual team.
The company finds the best cost-to-quality ratio and develop a plan for every individual’s needs and budget. Key areas of focus includes orthopedics, spine, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatrics, neurology and oncology. Many major insurance companies recognise it’s cost structure. As a result several private medical insurers in the region are their partners. This includes AXA Gulf, MetLife, Neuron, Aetna and Now Health.
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This is a UK-based lifestyle surgery facilitator and patient advocacy service. Working with a network of equipped hospitals, qualified consultants and world-class nursing staff that meet the highest standards of quality and best practice.
EuroMedical Tours provides a range of services in the fields of cosmetic operation, dentistry and weight loss surgery. Healthcare destinations include the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, India, Pakistan and Turkey. Consultations and treatment options are also available in the UK. Committed to providing a personalized, all-inclusive service, EuroMedical Tours sources the best suited treatments.
It makes medical records available by means of a secure platform. Also takes care of all arrangements and provides support in the destination of choice. Even ensuring that post-operative care is available on return home. Free no-obligation consultations are available, either in person with a visiting surgeon, or via Skype.
This is also a medical tourism company located Illinois, USA. Known to be a third party reproduction agency. And specializing in egg donation and surrogacy.
The company takes advantage of the liberal surrogacy laws to offer gestational surrogacy. A process whereby the egg implanted in the surrogate mother is not genetically or biologically related. At birth, the intended parents are immediately considered the legal parents of the child
Happy Beginnings co-ordinate all aspects of building a family. From careful selection of healthy and altruistic young egg donors and surrogates. Through matching to the most suitable infertile families. Thus providing emotional and practical support to all parties throughout the process. Pricing is transparent and affordable.
Enjoying an international reputation for professionalism and expertise, to date Happy Beginnings has helped hundreds of intended parents to build families from all over the world through egg donation and surrogacy. The company welcomes intended parents from across the world. Without discrimination against racial background, marital status or sexual orientation.
Located in Colorado, United States. It is medical tourism company with presence in over 30 countries worldwide, offering the most comprehensive solution to over 250 medical providers globally. 
PlacidWay has a lot of visitors annually. Helping patients find the right healthcare solution based on specific health needs. They review each health problem and locate the most suitable health center to treat it. Thanks to a customized administration and non-comprehensive treatment list.
Procedures includes orthopedic surgery, weight surgery, general surgery, varicose vein treatments, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, oncology and radiotherapy, eye surgery, psychological wellness treatment and rehabilitation
Located in Czech Republic. MediCzech rovides top quality medical care to foreign clients, including local consultation, pre-operative and post-operative care. They are among one of the best medical tourist companies in Czech Republic. 
Offering an extensive range of services. These include cosmetic and plastic surgery, heart surgery, vascular surgery, bariatric surgery, treatment for Type 2 Diabetes, infertility treatment and dental treatment. It also offers health and convalescence treatments in Czech thermal Spa resorts. Following the country’s long tradition of providing spa medicine. Prices at MediCzech are clear and affordable.


There are other problems people who will travel abroad for treatment need to think about. For example lower quality surgical skills and practices can lead to infection or disfigurement.
Antibiotic resistant bacteria that can cause complications after surgery and may not be treatable.
Others include:
– Inadequate communication before the operation about whether the procedure is necessary

– Lack of follow-up after the operation to ensure the results are satisfactory and safe,

– Poor regulatory systems in some other countries,

– Financial risks due to limited coverage by travel insurance.
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