Masturbation is the method of self-induced pleasure. This can be either performed with the help of their own hand or through the help of sex toys. There are various opinion arises when you say this word “masturbate”. Most of the time, people are more afraid to talk about masturbation than about sex. Why such approaches with masturbation but not with sex? Let us see what makes the masturbation to be a must and what makes it as a forbidden fruit.

Advantages of masturbation

There are many advantages of masturbation, but more importantly, masturbation can prevent the development of prostate cancer in men. This was proved through a study conducted in Australia where the men who ejaculated more than 5 times a week showed very low cancer rate.

In addition, people who masturbate regularly showed a very low rate of development of erectile dysfunction or incontinence. This is because regular masturbation helps our pelvic floor muscles to get properly work out and strengthen these muscles.

Moreover, the study showed that women who have regular orgasms have less likely to develop cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. And also women who achieve regular orgasm have the power to prevent any urinary tract infections or cervical infections. Because regular masturbation removes the bacteria which is present in the vaginal cavity and replaces them with new bacteria. This method prevents any development of infections.

Masturbation is also thought to be a mood elevating effect. The ejaculation also releases dopamine and oxytocin hormones. These hormones are known as happy hormones and they help to achieve elevated mood and also prevents the development of depression.

Disadvantages of masturbation

The use of sex toys seems to be quite risky due to the chance of developing serious infections. And also the use of sex toys increases the risk for any trauma of the genitor-urinary area.

In addition, masturbation can develop dependence to it. This is not good news. Most of the people who developed dependence tend to masturbate many numbers of times in a day or in an hour to achieve pleasure, but very frequent masturbation leads to severe trauma of the genital organs of men as well as women.

In addition, it is also thought to be excessive masturbation can lead to a condition known as premature ejaculation, which is ejaculating before even having sex or just after few minutes. This is quite embarrassing and intimidating.

As a conclusion, who are we to judge? Masturbation is a personal choice, whether or not to do it is also a personal choice. But the advantages and disadvantages are clearly stated here for your information before choosing “yes” or “no”.

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