Massage and High Blood Pressure

One method, however, proven by a new study from the University of Medical Sciences in Iran, and published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, requires nothing but pure pleasure.

And it’s available almost everywhere.

What’s the practice? Massage!

In the study, a group of women were tested for the effects of massage on high blood pressure. Half the group was labeled “control” and the other half “massage.”

The “massage” group received 15 minutes of relaxing massage three times per week, for 10 sessions.

The “control” group was instructed to relax in the same environment, for the same time, listening to relaxing music and muscle relaxation directions.

All the women’s blood pressure was taken before and after each session.

Best Exercises - 300x250Both group’s blood pressure benefited from the sessions. The massage group, however, had significantly lower blood pressure after each session. Their blood pressure also stayed lower 72 hours after the final session.

So why is this?

You see, high blood pressure is always caused by stress. Be it physical (disease), emotional (loss of a loved one), mental (money worries) or sensory (loud TV), the stress accumulates and causes high blood pressure and other conditions.

The massage group addressed more versions of stress (mental, emotional and physical stress) than just the relaxation group (mostly mental stress). Therefore, a higher level of the accumulated stress was removed, and blood pressure lowered more.

But if you want to completely heal high blood pressure and bring it below 120/80 permanently, you must remove all levels of stress from your body. You must reboot your brain to lower the overall production of stress hormone.

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