Today’s message will look at what Life is, the Truth and the Way to get there.


However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Stephen Hawking

“Life is short”. This is a popular phrase which has made many people to erroneously waste their lives on mundane and immaterial things. But the statement is both philosophical and spiritual. Its philosophical meaning denotes the time we spend on earth measured in calendar years.

From a spiritual standpoint, the brevity of life is understood when we compare when we compare the billions of years the earth has been existing with the 70-100 years we spend here. Saint James said, “life is a vapour that appears and vanishes away(4:14). The same way the universe appeared from nothing, so is life. We appeared from nothing, and when we die, we go back to the nothingness from whence we came.

Life is measured, medically speaking, by the breadth we take. In each breathing(inspiration/Expiration), is life fully defined. The moment breathing stops,life stops.

CALL TO ACTION: To understand this better, practice this simple experiment. Close your eyes and breath deeply. During inspiration, life comes from an empty space (nothingness) and as we breath out, we noticed the same life goes back to the empty space, and Alas! we realized that we are not just part of the universe, we are the universe manifested in bodily form. We begin to feel the universe and mother nature in a different way like we have never felt before.

This feeling and realization is the beginning of the search for truth and its what awakens us from previous slumber and makes us totally enlightened. Apostle Paul captioned it better, “Awake from your sleep and Christ shall give you light “.


“Truth cannot be held, it can only be experienced “.¬†Buddha

To experience and finally know the truth, we must empty ourselves of all previous knowledge stored in our brains as memory. To approach God (Divine spirit, Nature, Universe) for the truth, we must come as babies seeking truth with all our heart. And its only universal spirit (God) that can show us the truth. Outside that, its just knowledge from worldly philosophers and mortal men. When we finally grasp the truth, it’s difficult to explain and teach to other men(only God can do that).

Here is the crux of the matter, “The truth cannot be passed from one man to another, it cannot be explained; hence its only the LORD that can teach you, he does that when only He knows you are ready” just as the Tibetan proverbs says, “when the student is ready,the master appears”

The Chinese sage, Lao Tse Cheng, in his immortal words said it all..”He who knows, tells not; and he who tells, knows not”. This is a mind blowing statement. Its evident that if you attempt to tell the truth, then you hardly know it, because its inexplicable. Little wonder when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus “What’s the truth”- he kept quiet and said nothing..that is Nada, null, nicht….hmmmm.

Stay tuned next week for concluding series on ”THE WAY

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