How to Cure Clinical Depression With Martial Arts Training?


Clinical depression and martial arts might not seem like a good combination. Most people think that when you are depressed you need to stay away from destructive work that can build and trigger violent tendencies in you. This also means that you should stay closer to the situations that can help you relax and enjoy things; however, some experts explain that this might just be another myth. In real life, your emotions need an outlet, and depression is usually caused when you bottle up your emotions or you do not find an emotional outlet. Where most people rely on therapies that can help you let out their emotions, others switch to a very holistic approach that consists of the change in diet along with lifestyle change and initiating relaxing workouts that can help you balance out your overall routine. This therapy is known as behavioral therapy where you try to change your behavior by aligning it with your expected outcome. With the change in your routine you will notice that your mood changes and since physical workouts are directly associated with an energy boost, mood boost, and feeling happy, you will notice that your body is responding to it as well.

Although the combination of martial arts and clinical depression might seem weird if you look at it logically you will see that martial arts basically consist of some of the best and most intense workouts. These workouts are meant to help you improve the blood flow and eventually you will notice the energy boost. As a result of the energy boost, you will also notice that you don’t feel angry and frustrated like before when you start martial arts. Although this has a lot to do with anger management and deep breathing eventually you will notice that it will also help you stay motivated for your daily lifestyle-based tasks.

With the help of this article, we will look at the connection between martial arts and clinical depression. We will also look at some of the best ways martial arts help with depression management so you can look at martial art beyond its typical self-defense connotation.

How Martial Arts Will Cure Your Clinical Depression?

Goal Oriented Workout

Martial arts is a very goal-oriented game so you will see that people usually start their training with a progressive goal in mind. This eventually boosts their motivation and keeps them going. This is the same with depression treatment as you will be setting the goal-based workout that will help you stay motivated.


Martial arts teaches you to focus on the goal and stay motivated. This is the reason you will see people not giving up till their body gives up. However, experts say that martial arts is more about mind control than body control so you will be able to train your body for better motivation.

Destruction Therapy

According to psychology when you break things this helps you let out the inner anger which will eventually help you feel relaxed. So, technically when you get on the mat and compete with your opponent this will become your destructive therapy, and eventually, you will feel relaxed.

Intense Energy Balance

According to experts, clinical depression happens when you store and bottle up negative emotions in your body. However, when you step out of your comfort zone and let out the negative energy by burning up calories you will instantly feel the energy boost. This is the reason martial arts training is very good for depression.


Most people get into a deep dark hole when they feel depressed. They get into the negative thinking and negative acting phase but with the help of control-oriented martial arts training, you will learn how to read into the situation and cope with the issue.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a very relaxing workout that offers you to improve your focus and stay away from negative thoughts. Since deep breathing is used in martial arts, this will help you reduce the anxiety symptoms as well. 

Strategy Planning

Within martial arts, you will learn the ideal of strategic planning which will eventually help you to learn how to stay in full control of all kinds of situations, your body as well as your emotions so you can feel better. The essence of strategic planning lies in controlled emotions and staying calm which eventually helps with clinical depression as well.

Focusing On the Bigger Picture

Martial arts offer you a vision that allows you to stay ahead of your opponent and lead the way. This way you are able to see the bigger picture. In clinical depression, people feel like there is a bigger picture and this cages them in a dark phase of life because of tunnel vision. Martial arts offer you the motivation to get out and become better.

Staying In Control

Martial arts help you know when you are in control and when you are losing it. This is a simple skill that you will learn when you understand your body. Eventually, when you have to handle the depression you will know when you are feeling anxious or stressed and when you are falling into clinical depression. 

Boosting Physical Health

The improvement in physical health is connected with the mental health boost as well. You will notice that after martial arts you will have an immunity boost which will help you stay motivated even in the worst situations because your body will be able to handle energy in a much better way.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you start your martial arts training and the goal you set for yourself. Since martial arts is not just limited to the technical body movement and the way you handle your body it is much more than that. In fact, you will notice that if you have emotional issues, especially if you lash out or stay angry, martial arts will offer you an outlet that will help you let out the frustration. Also, the energy balance that you can get from martial arts is very effective so you will see that your body is working much better. Moreover, you will also see that you will stay in control no matter how infuriating or unpredictable the situation gets. You will also be able to utilize simple methods for an energy boost and better body control.

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