Help Makoko Clinic

Growing up in the village has opened my eyes to the challenges faced by underprivileged children.

The hunger, the plight experienced with no money to pay school fees had brought down to the extent affecting their future.

Sometimes these underserved communities are maimed for life due to lack of adequate vaccination against communicable diseases like Polio disease.

Speaking of their health, majority are malnourished which predispose them to communicable diseases.

Come to think of that, I can’t help but create awareness of the predicament of these underprivileged  children at Makoko village – who don’t have access to the basic necessity and health care facilities they need.

Your donation can make the difference in the life of  child.

Did you know that for just $10 the Docotal Health Foundation can help provide a community clinic for children in Makoko village, Lagos Nigeria.

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