Difference between Psychologist and Therapist

Mind sciences is a broad field and different types of mental health professional are available to fix psychological problems of different sorts. It is important to select the right professional to get a problem fixed. For serious mental illnesses, you will have to see the best psychiatrist in your area. How to know if you need a therapist or psychologist? Who can fix your problem well? This article discusses the difference between a therapist and a psychologist.

If you want to reach the right professional for treatment, this topic is for you.


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Who is a Psychologist?  

A psychologist is a mental health professional who has qualification and training in diagnosing and treating mental problems such as anxiety and depression. After graduate school education and professional training, they can get a license to run their practice.

A psychologist is a mental health professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating various mental illnesses through different techniques including but not limited to therapy. A psychologist can be a therapist as well.


Who is a Therapist?  

Mental health therapists work directly with clients and other mental health professionals in treating disorders of the mind,” writes Study.com. In general, they listen to patients, perform counseling, track progress, and develop treatment plans for their patients.

A therapist is also a mental health professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating various mental illnesses through therapy. A therapist can be a psychologist or a psychiatrist.


Therapist vs. Psychologist

Both therapists and psychologists are mental health professionals with some similarities and some differences. Both work for the mental wellbeing of their clients but what makes them different? If you are a student choosing between these two professions or you need to hire a mental health professional, this discussion will help you a lot. The following points try to differentiate a psychologist from a therapist:


1. No matter what background, all therapists aim at providing support and guidance to patients or clients.

2. The main goal of all therapists is to help clients or patients make the right decisions and clarify feelings by avoiding confusions.

3. It may surprise you that a therapist can also be a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or a life coach. Mean to say, a therapist may have a background in different areas such as marriage counseling, psychology, psychiatry, life coaching, and social work.

4. A therapist is not just a holder of a specific degree. Mean to say, a therapist can have a variety of educational backgrounds and training. Some therapists are medical doctors (MDs), some are master’s degree holders, and many of them may be a Ph.D. One thing is common in all of them, they have a qualification in clinical psychology, social work, substance abuse, psychiatry, or family counseling.




1. Unlike the therapist professional, the job of a psychologist just revolves around the field of psychology.

2. All psychologists have an advanced degree in psychology and they normally practice therapy or pursue a career in research.

3. Based on clinical diagnoses and observations, she or he suggests a suitable treatment to fix a particular psychological illness.

4. A psychologist helps patients/clients make decisions and clarify feelings. Psychologists aim to provide support and guidance to their clients or patients.

5. You may often find psychologists and psychiatrists working together in the same office or practice. A psychologist is trained to diagnose mental disorders in their clients or patients.


The Final Verdict

You have read how psychologists and a therapist are different. In the end, we can conclude that there re similarities and differences in the job description and job specification of psychologists and therapists. A psychologist can also be a therapist and a therapist can also be a psychologist.

Both fields of specialization have some common job functions and work for the mental wellbeing of patients with various mental or psychological illnesses or disorder. Now you know when you need a therapist and when you should visit a psychologist.

If you want to find the best psychiatrist in your area, please search online or visit the nearest clinics.



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