DHF-COVID 19 Response

Docotal Health Foundation (DHF) is an offline/online non profit organisation dedicated to helping less privileged patients. It is known for its medical outreaches to communities in Nigeria and Africa.

But since the coronavirus pandemics has been on the rising, the DHF co-founded by Dr. Okechukwu Ekemezie and Dr. Lateef Basaru (both Cuban trained) decided to continue their good will by distributing CoVid-19 materials which include Face masks, hand gloves, face shield, and PPE coveralls.

They have been doing these donations to all the major geopolitical zones of Nigeria which include 4 different states in Nigeria; Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and Katsina.

During the ravaging COVID 19 pandemic, we raised money through crowdfunding online. The little raised was used to procured PPE that was shared to all the 6 Geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The token for the Southeast is brought here in AE-FETHA. The target is for the most vulnerables in the hospital. Dr. Geoffrey Nwuruku

The Docotal Health Foundation (DHF) is motivated to distribute this medical supplies to as many hospital that they can because of a 3 year old that contacted the dreaded coronavirus in Imo state.

And they plan to keep doing more.

Click here to download DHF COVID-19 Donation Report

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