Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Nowadays, dental tourism has become a successful growing business due to its benefits. People can find solutions to their dental health problems and aesthetic goals with similar quality to the US or Canada.

By getting dental implants in Costa Rica, patients can save up to 60-70% of what it costs to get them in their country. Furthermore, they also get to enjoy a vacation in the Costa Rica paradise and the Pura Vida way of life.

Why do People Travel to Costa Rica for Dental Implants?

The main concern for patients with missing teeth in the United States and Canada is usually how much it costs. However, this isn’t a topic of concern when you are planning to get your dental implants in Costa Rica. Surprisingly, the whole process can be less than half the price that it would be in the US.

Furthermore, dentists in Costa Rica are well trained in the latest technologies, such as CAD/CAM systems, and they also work with the best materials in the dental industry.

Another aspect people often take into consideration before getting their dental implants in Costa Rica is the beautiful paradise that the country has to offer. Moreover, it is easy to travel there from across the US and Canada. It only takes a flight from the major airports of the country to San Jose, Costa Rica.

The real question here might be why wouldn’t people of the United States and Canada want to get their dental implants in Costa Rica? They can return home after a vacation looking their best without compromising quality.

Preparing to get Dental Implants

The process of getting dental implants in Costa Rica begins with a dental consultation. The dentist evaluates the current stage of your mouth and designs the treatment plan with the help of X-rays and CT scans. It’s important to understand that every case is different.

Some people may need some dental work done to their mouth and jaw before the dental implant surgery, such as periodontal treatment, bone graft or even reshaping of the gums. This ensures the best outcome for the implants.

Nonetheless, there are some things to keep in mind before the surgery appointment, such as:

  • Not drinking or smoking for at least 72 hours before the surgery
  • Fasting before the surgery if using IV sedation
  • Making sure to be accompanied by someone

Post-Op Care for Dental Implants

Just like any other surgery, it’s completely normal to feel some discomfort and swelling after getting dental implants. However, it can be managed with anti-inflammatory medication and ice.

Furthermore, post-op care might be one of the most important steps in the whole process. the dentist might make some suggestions to avoid any complications and ensure an optimum healing process, such as:

  • No smoking or drinking for at least a week after the surgery as it can interfere with the healing process
  • Do not rinse or spit for 24 hours after the surgery
  • Avoid touching the surgical area with your hands or tongue
  • Do not use straws
  • Eat soft meals to avoid injuring the implant area

Oral hygiene after the dental implant placement is vital to avoid infections. It’s recommended to keep brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush and flossing normally. Lastly, make sure to be gentle when approaching the surgical area.

If you want the best results for an affordable price and a great vacation, make a trip to Costa Rica to get your dental implants and the smile you want to achieve.

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