6 D’s of Exponential Technology

Universal coverage, not medical technology, is the foundation of any caring health care system. Richard Lamm

Talking about ” Democratization of healthcare ” we need to remind ourselves of the 6 D’s of exponential Technology:

1) Digitization: Once you digitise a product (like healthcare) into 1s and 0s, that product becomes infomation based tech and hips on exponential growth curve. Eg Docotal mobile app reaching worldwide.

2) Deceptive growth: Like Kodak 1st digital camera (0.01 megapixel, 0.02, 0.04 to 32MP)..same with Docotal health, our growth however expanding looks deceptive because we haven’t hit the target but we are on our way slowly as Dr Laminu Kaumi said.

3) Disruptive growth: 0.01MP Kodak can now generate 20MP. That is complete dematerialization and demonetization of photography. Same thing Docotal mobile app will do in healthcare revolution.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Edward Teller

4) Dematerialization: Products and services become bits. Today’s cell phone with a million dollars worth of tech from 1980 & 1990..eg GPS, video, photo,radio,books,maps, weather,records. Docotal will provide a mobile hospital with all medical specialties included… Wowwww!!!

5) Demonetization: Once a product is dematerialized into bits, its cost of replication and production is near zero and it leads to democratization. Docotal mobile app will make paying high consultation fees for Cardiologist, Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Clinician or Physician almost zero with our mobile app, as cases will be treated as a whole.

6) Democratization: As products dematerialize and demonetizate, they become available to billions of users across the planet. Today 3 billions are connected on earth. By 2025, that will increase to 8 billion. Products like Docotal app (or bots) will market globally.

Healthcare is becoming part of information technology. Bill Maris

Just like Henry Ford wanted to put a car in every garage, Docotal will put a doctor in every persons pocket. A bright future awaits us, its time to dive into the wave of exponential technology.

6 D’s of Exponential Technology was written by Dr. Okey. 

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