COVID-19 and the Heart: What matters – Dr. Nwuruku Geoffrey

This video is about Cardiovascular diseases related to COVID-19. The topic is COVID-19 and the Heart: What matters.

This is a researched health information prepared by Dr. Nwuruku Geoffrey. He is a consultant cardiologist with Docotal Health.

Below are what we’re going to cover in this video: 

First you learn that an estimated 1,7 billion people (~22% of global population) have at least one underlying condition of interest to COVID -19; including HTN, DM, etc.

The Acute clinical COVID 19 manifestation include: Acute heart failure, Cardiogenic shock, MI, LV/RV dysfunction, Concomitant biventricular dysfunction, Broken heart syndrome, Arrhythmias, VTE, etc. 

Preventive measures including vaccines and public health standard protocols are the cornerstone for containing the pandemic.

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