Controlling High BP in Pregnancy

Blood pressure is the amount of blood pumped by your heart and the amount of blood flow that refuse to flow into the arteries. The higher the volume of blood, the narrower arteries becomes and the higher the blood pressure. High blood pressure (High BP) during pregnancy can cause significant problems. Such as decreased placental blood flow and placental disorder. Also premature labor and increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

10 Ways of Controlling High BP in Pregnancy

There are several steps you can take while you are pregnant. Which will help you to reduce your high blood pressure.
Some medications can cause hike in blood pressure. If so, he or she may prescribe another medication. Or determine whether you can avoid it before delivery.
2. Proper monitoring of salt intake
High blood pressure is often associated with salt intake. Proven by the fact that reducing dietary salt intake reduces high blood pressure. Pregnant women should add a little salt to their food. While eating to help manage high blood pressure. Extra spices and herbs can be added for taste and flavor.
3. Practice Controlled breathing

Breathing and meditation is a well-known relaxation technique that everyone can perform. During pregnancy, deep breathing helps to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Deep breathing increases baroreflex sensitivity and reduces high blood pressure.

4. Engage in walkout
Pregnant women who are inactive have a higher risk of developing hypertension. Do you feel lazy and tired? Even if you suffer from blues, it’s good to go out and walk a little. Walking was considered one of the best cardio exercises for pregnant women. A brisk walking from 30 to 45 minutes daily reduce high blood pressure.
5. Limit or remove fried foods
Continuous use of fried food or food that is concentrated in the oil may cause the oil to accumulate in your arteries. Accumulation of oil in the arteries narrows the path of the bloodstream. Which increases blood pressure. If you consume fried food, balance the meal with fresh vegetables. That is fried chicken with salad instead of potatoes.

More Steps…

6. Maintain a healthy weight and increase rate of your exercise as much as possible
It strengthens your heart and your cardiovascular system. Allowing your body to pump blood. Be sure to talk to your doctor about possible methods to be safe for you and your baby.
7. Stop smoking or Drinking Alcohol
Smoking and drinking puts stress on the heart and the cardiovascular system under tension. Which is dangerous to the baby.
8. Increase your potassium by taking dietary supplements or eating high-potassium foods
It is recommended to take 2000 mg of potassium as an additive. Foods that are high in potassium include bananas, orange juice, avocado, cantaloupe, tomato and chicken.
9. Learn relaxation techniques such as breathing or yoga exercises
To reduce stress levels and stabilize blood pressure. Breathing techniques like those used in Lamaze classes can be effective in reducing anxiety or stress and inducing relaxation.
10. Magnesium-rich foods
Lack of magnesium is the most common cause of high blood pressure during pregnancy. Including foods rich in magnesium in your diet helps reduce the high blood pressure levels in your body. This important mineral also helps prevent premature contraction of the uterus. And strengthening fetal bones in developing fetus.
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