Cocoyam and Pregnancy

As well as developing healthy teeth and bones.
Pre-eclampsia prevention is a very dangerous condition endangering the health and life of mother and child. It is still one of the main uses of cocoyam.

Benefits of Cocoyam During Pregnancy

Here are the benefits of eating cocoyam during pregnancy:
1. Morning nausea
Morning nausea is one of the most common symptoms in women during pregnancy. An adequate amount of vitamin B6 can reduce nausea and vomiting. Cocoyam contains a good amount of vitamin B6 and can help treat morning nausea.

2. Prevents low birth weight
Cocoyam contains vitamin B6 that prevents giving birth to low weight babies.
3. Cocoyam is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C
Cocoyam contains antioxidants such as beta-carotene and vitamin C. They help fight common diseases and prevent oxidative stress. Also protecting against cancer.
4. Cocoyam aids digestion
Raging hormones, uterus development, etc all can affect your digestive system. Cocoyam contains healthy starches that are easy to digest. Cocoyam also contains dietary fiber, which treats constipation.
5. Prevents anemia
Anemia is one of the common problem that occur amid pregnancy. Cocoyam contains minerals such as zinc, copper and iron. All play an important role in the prevention and treatment of anemia.

More benefits

6. A good source of vitamin A
Cocoyam gives about 166 IU of vitamin A per serving cup. You need this vitamin to ensure that the baby’s immune system remains healthy and strong. So add cocoyam into your diet and make sure your baby is healthy.
7. Bone strength
You must have strong bones, especially during pregnancy. Your growing baby also needs calcium to build bones. You need a good calcium dose. It is so logical to add cocoyam to your diet as it contains 19 mg of calcium per meal.
8. Pre-eclampsia prevention during pregnancy
During pregnancy, women may have many complications. Preeclampsia is a type of complication caused by high blood pressure. It can cause damage to other organs. Most of the time, it hampers the kidneys. The magnesium element in cocoyam leaves may reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia.
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  • Wow…I thank God that cocoyam is good for pregnancy cos I love it and it digest easily. Thanks for the write up

    • You can say that again. I was so happy to find out that it is excellent for pregnant women and has all these amazing benefits,because I love it.

  • Thanks for this useful information. I’m cooking it already and I just say I should search if it really good and safe for me and my baby. Now I know it’s not just safe for us but also full of healthy benefits. My love for Cocoyam is second to none.

  • During my first trimester I ate this like everyday after I traveled back to Lagos after d Christmas vacation mum had to send lots of it to me, I was very happy but decided to check for it health benefits for pregnant mum and am happy to know Dat it very safe and I don’t need to worry abt my heavy cravings

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