The Docotal Health Foundation (DHF) was founded in 2017 by Dr. Okechukwu Ekemezie and Dr Basaru Lateef with support from the colleagues who graduated from Latin American School of Medicine Havana Cuba who are also active members of Docotal online medical consultation.

It is a Health Non‐Governmental Organization (NGO) which seeks to provide preventive medicine. The organization was setup to provide healthcare and assistance to deprived communities. Also we aim to organize community‐based education on health including community intervention projects that focus on people with disability.

We partner with other health foundations and personnel like physicians, dentists, nurses and social workers who are also interested in helping with community work. The organization is on its course of providing social and healthcare services. We educate residential homes, schools and communities on diseases and other related health issues including ways and strategies of prevention.

A health foundation that seeks to provide sustainable health care delivery, encourage community development initiatives in health care system and advocate the rights of the vulnerable in society 

Our Vision

Our Vision: a prioritized sustainable healthcare for the vulnerable and the aged in the areas of preventive obstetrics and childhood malnutrition.