8 Hair Fall Myths that Keep You from Growing Healthy Hair

In our lives, we hear several myths about different things. Myths have a way of surviving for ages, and they get passed down from generation to generation. We have heard about bad luck befalling anyone whose path is crossed by a black cat during our lives. Similarly, we have all heard about hair growing faster if we trim them on the first moon night. All such things are nothing but hearsay, and there is no truth to them. Just like other things, we have several hair-related myths circulating for decades. Some of these myths are so etched in our minds that they almost sound true. However, most people suffering from hair loss don’t get hair loss treatment due to such myths. Such people are usually against such treatments due to their preconceived notions. Moreover, they rely on absurd DIY remedies because grandma’s grandma followed it once.

In this article, we have busted several hair-related myths that prevent us from growing healthy hair. So, keep reading to learn more.

Busting 8 Hair Fall Myths

Hair loss myths have been around for a long time. Below, we have shared some myths that hold no truth to them.

Myth # 1: Frequent Shampooing Will Cause Hair Loss

We have all heard from people around us that frequent shampooing causes severe damage to the hair. However, it isn’t right as there is no one-size-fits-all formula that works for all hair types. People have different hair types, hairstyles, routines, etc. and how often one shampoo is entirely dependent on such factors. If someone has oily hair, they will wash it more often than someone whose hair doesn’t get greasy quickly. Moreover, if we use a shampoo specifically designed for our hair type, there won’t be any hair loss.

Myth # 2: Regular Trimming Makes Hair Grow Faster

The most widely believed myth about hair loss is that if we trim our hairs every 4-6 weeks, they’ll grow faster. This myth is the most absurd as hair growth occurs at the tips instead of the ends. So, even if we trim our hair after a few weeks, it won’t impact their growth. Our hairs grow at their own pace, but with trimming, we can affect their overall appearance. We can eliminate split ends with regular trimming, and that gives an impression of healthier hair.

Myth # 3: Stress Is Responsible for Grey Hair

We usually associate grey hair with stress, but in fact, there is no truth to it. It is a misconception that the cause of grey hair is stress. In reality, greying of the hair is related to genetics and aging. As we grow older, our body produces lesser melanin, which gives color to our hair. When there is not enough melanin, our hair color starts lightening, ultimately turning white.

Myth # 4: Greasy Hair Shouldn’t Be Conditioned

Hair conditioners have nothing to do with making our hair greasy. Instead, our hairs become greasy due to sebum-production. Sebum is naturally produced by the scalp tissues, which creates a buildup. Just like a shampoo is crucial for cleaning the scalp, a conditioner nourishes the scalp. However, we only have to apply it at the ends and avoid the scalp. It will help keep the hair look fresh and not appear flat and weighed down.

Myth # 5: Regularly Changing Shampoo/Conditioner is Crucial

At one point in our lives, we have thought that our haircare routine is no longer working. We always blame our hair for becoming immune to the products we regularly use. However, there is no truth to this myth, as well. Sometimes, our hairs stop responding to the hair care products we regularly use. But this is due to different reasons such as weather conditions, hair treatments, etc. So, there is no need to keep changing shampoos/conditioners every month or so. You can keep using the same favorite products of yours if you want.

Myth # 6: Pluck One Grey Hair, Get Two

There is absolutely no truth to the myth of growing more grey hairs if we pluck one. Grey hairs are caused by genetics and aging. Our hairs get their color from a pigment called melanin. With age, we lose this pigment, and as a result, our hairs start getting grey. So, even if you remove one or two grey hairs, it won’t increase their number.

Myth # 7: 100 Brush Strokes A Day Are Necessary

It has to be the oldest and most ridiculous myth about hairs. One hundred brush strokes are not a small number, and excessively brushing our hairs can damage instead of repairing. Brushing our hairs is essential, but it must be done gently and only when they are dry. Also, a wide-toothed comb must be used for brushing the hair instead of a hairbrush.

Myth # 8: Hair Loss Treatments Can Regrow All Hairs

Hair loss treatment can indeed help regrow a significant amount of hair. However, hair loss treatments cannot perform miracles. So, if you are completely bald, you cannot expect a hair transplant to give you a head full of hair. It can help restore a reasonable amount of hair, but it cannot regrow all lost hairs. If you undergo a hair loss treatment with this mindset, you will be disappointed.

Hair Loss Treatment 

Expert doctors have been performing hair loss treatments for a long time. So, instead of fighting hair loss and trying to regrow hair by believing in myths, it’s better to consult an expert. They can identify the underlying causes and provide solutions for hair loss. Moreover, they can save you from doing many bizarre things like brushing your hairs 100 times a day.

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