7 Best Ballistic Exercises to Add To Your Workout


When you step into martial art you will notice that it is not just about throwing the right punch or learning about kicking techniques. Instead, it is a holistic approach that allows you to produce energy and then utilize this energy with perfect skill and timing to cause enough damage to that other person who feels pain. If you minus any of the above-mentioned things you will literally fail. This is the reason most people start with strength-based functional workouts that will get their bodies ready. Even if you know the technique and you are good at reading a situation, if your body doesn’t comply and stay motivated for all kinds of situations you will end up giving up easily and losing the game. This is the reason most experts say that martial arts is not just a game of body but also the mind. You have to start with functional workouts that will help you align your body with the mind so your body has a very steady response to all kinds of situations no matter how emotional or physical triggering they get.

What Is Ballistic Training?

Ballistic training is usually known as power training where you use functional workouts to train your body. The goal of this workout is to help you. The idea is to train your body to bring all the power that your body produces and then prolong the time frame so you are able to work with a much more effective attitude. Usually, the workouts used in martial arts are either cardio-based or just consist of weight training, however, these workouts have a very limited time frame and you will feel the strain not only on your body but also on your routine. Most of the workouts within the ballistic training consist of different jumping techniques along with striking workouts and throwing heavy objects around. This will help you improve energy production and energy utilization. Moreover, you will notice that your body will be able to go through an intense workout for a longer time and you will see improvement in endurance as well.

How Ballistic Training Can Help With Martial Arts?

When you get into the ring, your focus is on the timing, power, and impact of your cause when you hit someone. However, when you are not able to go on for a long time, your opponent will get to control you in your weak moments. This is the reason you will see people using tiring strategies where they will be able to prolong their fighting time. This will eventually help you avoid the tiring situations that might cause you to feel out of breath or give up. With the help of ballistic training, you will be able to stay stronger in the ring, your strikes will be exact, precise, and powerful. Moreover, the timing will be very good because this allows you to manage your reflex action and help you align your response time with the given time period.

Backward Ball Toss

For this workout, you will need a medicine ball that you will use for the toss. You need to stand straight and then get into the tossing position. The goal is to toss the ball over your head all the way back. You will be required to curve your knee to offer your body a slight jump and shock absorption.

Upper Toss and Catch

This requires a workout partner so make sure you have someone you can rely on. You have to lay straight while your workout partner will stand straight right above your head. You have to toss the ball upwards so he can catch it and then he will throw it right back so you can catch the ball. This helps with reflex action and it is a perfect game to support your punch-avoiding skills.

Side Toss

Side toss is another very fun ball tossing workout. You will have to stand by a wall and then bring your ball to the right side by holding it with both hands. The position of the ball will be slightly upper core position and then finally you will have to rotate your body to toss the ball in the opposite position. So if you have twisted it to the right, you will have to toss it to the left side and vice versa.

Squat Toss

This is a very simple toss where you will be standing straight and then slowly going down in a squat position. After the squat, you have to chuck the ball upwards till you are able to toss it upwards and then get back to the initial position.

Jump Squat

This workout requires you to simply stay straight and then get into the squat position but rather than getting back to the standing position you will have to jump all the way. This is a combination of full jump and squat position so you will be able to work on your upper and lower body at the same time.

Lunge Jack

Lung jack is the combination of a common lunge and jumping jack. So you will extend your leg forward and get into the lunging position only to jump upwards and then after the jump you will have to get back to the initial position.

Kettlebell Swing

Very simple and effective. You will be standing straight with a little bit of space between your legs. Then you will hold the kettle bell with both hands and swing it between your legs all the way to the height of your core.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to following and repeating the workout pattern that will engage your body and mind at the same time. You will get to notice that where other people give up easily or their strikes are not very precise, you will be able to strike with precision. You will also notice that your timing is perfect. However, the way you excite the training is very important. Your training should be very progressive allowing you to set short-term goals that you can achieve over time rather than giving up you will be able to go on for a long time without feeling tired. Experts say that ballistic training is very sport-specific and the movement is very functional so they can be used in real life as well. Apart from this, they are intense yet they don’t have to be age appropriate so the age limitation is not there. This workout is specifically good for endurance and power generation so you know how to control it.

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