4 Natural Ways to Lower Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal and sometimes even helpful emotion. But when anxiety becomes a constant obstacle to overcome, symptoms like rapid breathing, sweating, fatigue, and even chest pain can take over. Treatment for anxiety can be tricky and the medicines prescribed today can have harsh side effects of their own. Here are four natural ways anyone can use to overcome anxiety.

Balance Your Diet

A balanced diet is key to managing anxiety. Avoiding trigger substances such as alcohol, caffeine and simple carbs (that cause blood sugar spikes) is also important to managing anxiety levels. According to a Harvard Medical publication, certain nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids have shown to have positive effects on anxiety. Foods rich in b-vitamins such as whole grains, leafy greens, and avocados also share this amazing benefit.


The ADAA or Anxiety and Depression Association of America, suggests exercise as a vital asset in maintaining strong mental health. Natural endorphins produced by aerobic exercise stabilize a person’s mood by acting as a natural painkiller that also improves sleep patterns. Studies have revealed that people who exercised regularly are 25% less likely to have anxiety or depression symptoms than those who did not get the exercise. As little as a 10-minute walk a day alleviates anxiety symptoms for hours.

Try Supplements

Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough – many people don’t want the fogginess of a sedative though. Hemp oil can be a great alternative. The use of hemp aids in relaxation and is a great alleviator of physical symptoms caused by anxiety. Taking supplements specifically targeted at nutrients we may be missing can also offset symptoms. Tracking vitamin deficiencies is easy by using a food tracker like MyFoodDiary that alerts you of any nutritional gaps that may be present.


Anxiety is a crippling disorder, and a major component of its destructive ability is its tendency to cause people to fixate on their past or future. Meditation is the development of a person’s ability to become mindful and present. This technique has been used for treating anxiety for decades in the US. Not sure how to get started? No problem. Easy-to-use apps guide people at every level. Features they provide include calming breathing exercises, monitoring sleeping patterns and equipping individuals with an entire arsenal of guided meditations – all available wherever you can bring a phone.

Anxiety can be overwhelming. It feels like it’s taking over your thoughts, body and life. But it doesn’t need to. Anxiety doesn’t have to mean resorting to powerful pharmaceuticals to mask symptoms. Using these four natural and powerful remedies you can manage anxiety symptoms and retake your life.

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