The questions most individuals ask themselves is if it’s just a headache. Headaches does not majorly threaten one’s life. Nevertheless, a severe headache might indicate a serious illness which requires emergency attention such as meningitis, aneurysm and stroke. Although these are not very common, but observing for a headache that feels different from normal is crucial.

Below are the three signs to lookout for;

  1. Neck pain and fever– Fever and stiffness of the neck could indicate meningitis, which is an inflammation of the protective membrane surrounding the spinal cord and the brain, and could become critical quickly
  2. Nausea– Severe vomiting or nausea could indicate a hemorrhagic stroke.
  3. The worst headache ever– The major thing we are to observe is when we claim to have the worst headache ever. It may mean a sign of aneurysm in the brain that just began to leak a little but may later turn into a tragic full bleed which can be life threatening

Immediate Action

The best action is to see a doctor. The doctor will most likely request a CT scan to be performed which can reveal bigger problem. Most researchers suggest that they would rather have individuals go to the hospital unnecessarily than miss something that could have saved their life.

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